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Roaring 20s: The SEA Digital Decade

e-Conomy SEA tracks the most exciting developments as Southeast Asia's digital economy gathers speed towards $1T GMV by 2030. Scroll down for more on the industries and drivers to watch.

July 2022

Industry spotlight: Travel

Check out our new Spotlight series — where we deep dive to bring you the latest industry trends in Southeast Asia. First up: SEA travellers are back with new preferences.

June 2022

Deep dive into SEA's internet economy

Understanding consumer behaviour is key to building a digital decade for everyone in Southeast Asia. Start exploring internet economy metrics from the e-Conomy SEA 2021 report.

What's new

Helping SMEs expand across Southeast Asia through digitalisation

Hosted by SGTech on May 13, 2022, CXO in Conversation brings industry leaders together to discuss how SMEs can grow through digitalisation. Read highlights here or watch the event on-demand below.

e-Conomy SEA
2021 report

From resilience to resurgence - Southeast Asia is on the road towards a $1T GMV internet economy by 2030. Walk through key highlights from our report - from the latest digitalisation trends, to sector insights and growth opportunities for the decade ahead.

Building a digital decade for SMEs

Digital merchants - SMEs using digital platforms, financial services, and tools to propel themselves to greater heights - are key pillars of Southeast Asia's digital decade. See how SMEs are seizing the opportunity.

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